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             Welcome to our web site. You can expect expert solutions and quality materials from us... or we don’t want to be involved. We have 34 years of general contracting experience in all phases of construction. This broad experience enables us to perform above average higher quality installations.

             We have a well established reputation for reliable + quality installations of waterproof deck outdoor vinyl flooring and powder coated aluminum railings with pickets, glass, stainless cable, wire mesh, or other infill options.

             We can also expertly handle any structural additions and/or repairs that your deck may need.

             Please use this web site to review our products and get specific Preparation and Installation Specifications. Call, email, or fax us drawings, to get individual project info and price quotes.


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          Voice# 360-754-4479                         Email: jon@waterproofdeck.com

          Serving Western Washington & Puget Sound.    Jon A. Gratzol Co.    P.O. Box 5788, Lacey, WA 98509 U.S.

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